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much, much, colder. tonight be surprised, sat the lights, there is nothing except for breezy and mild and we will have more on this change coming up. the man is here and we will be looking at some big problems coming up. we have some news in san leandro where tartar is and she is the only reporter at the scene of a big-rig fire, tara? >> reporter: if you take a look behind me, you can see this was once a big-rig and it snagged some power lines. we have heard loud bankruptcies and you can actually feel the heat several yards away from
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this feel. -- they can actually feel this but they are off camp sweeney and that's a juvenile detention facility up the road. we have not had a chance to talk with fire crews because when we first arrived on scene these flames were sleeping so -- trying so hard to put this fire out. it looks like they had a lot of progress and it appears more crews were supposed to be on the way. again the good news is that two people trapped inside did manage to get outside safely. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. san francisco police say a man has now died after he and a
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wouldn't have been bounded and gagged in the middle of the street. what has witnesses been saying, good morning, allie? >> reporter: one question is where did this crime occur, did it occur where the couple was found or were they assaulted and dropped there? a resident called saying a man and woman lying in the street, they have been bound and gagged together. both victims had suffered and again we know this couple was found and that's part of my investigation so we are reaching out to the nation to find out about what happen.
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now when police arrive both were taber end for the early morning to be stabilized and hopefully investigators can talk to her and get more information for this investigation. live in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. the search could continue for an elderly missing man. he had been working to restore his tore rick boat which is docked on the island and police became concerned because his truck and other personal items were still there, but yet there was no sign of him. >> in an bun dance of caution we are trying to utilize all the reasons to us here in the county. police will decide whether or not to search the water again. michelle le will be --
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giselle esteban was convicted of murder and faces at least 25 years in prison for killing michelle le. antolin garcia-torres is expected to enter a plea, he is charged with 3 attempted murders. and he was stabbed at a christmas celebration in the park. the teen was stabbed in the chest and arm and police say his injuries were not life- threatening. >> i have two small children and it would make mythoi coming back around here especially
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late at night. >> i would control the situation, i would not leave them unsupervised. >> they say three people ran from the scene and police are still searching for them. one of two teenage girls will be laid to rest. 15-year-old rachel and another teen was found early in the morning and each had been shot multiple times. no arrests have been made. one man is dead after a shooting in front of his antioch home. coming up, remembering what happens. they are supporting his end of the year fiscal cliff. he spoke to house speaker john boehner and increasingly some republicans are willing to go along with president barack
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obama's plan to raise taxes on the healthiest of americans. >> i actually think it has merit where you go and give him the increase on the top 2% and all of a sudden the shift goes back to entitlementment. >> coming up, this morning, truckers who carry cargo to and from the port of oakland they say theory relieved that another strike is likely. more than 500 walked off the job last month and they have ratified a new contract. it includes 2013 cost of living raise and bonus contract. and they are meeting in
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their search for a new police chive and police chief chris moore is retiring after less than two years on the job and they have a meeting at 6:30 at the south side onto ther road. and officials say the lane closures are here for fee placing crashed curb advance, and i am happy to say, sale is back. it is not the same without you, buddy. >> we are already off to a busy start, we have that fire tara mentioned and there is a power line down in the sweeney hill
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area. we have a crew on the scene and you can see pg&e said a power line did come down and pg&e officials need to get in there and there could be power lines associated with this and tara moriarty is on the scene and we will have another report coming up soon. let's look apt the bay bridge toll plaza, the morning commute is doing well with no around problems. northbound 280, let's go to steve. >> thanks you sal. well, there is a big demolish of high pressure, it is one of those great december days and probably into most of tuesday cold doesn't bring much
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rain but today is a nice day, we get that offshore breeze with an offshore flow and that means temperatures by the coast, beautiful, we get that north, northeast wind and it is a cold pattern and it is windy up in the hills, anywhere from 3040 and 42. so there it ising is big gisms and it will sweep through. temperaturep inning up and it will turn noticeably cooler. today will be warmer and breezezy at times, it is one of those rare occasions where san francisco can be warmer,
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brantley more began hill, clouds and rain to the north, it looks like rain comes in. well the australians are now speaking out. >> it could have been a prank call. >> the tearful apology and what has now happened to their radio show. plus striking crab owners, we will have more. we have some problems in the east bay, we will be back with more traffic and weather straight ahead.
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. 2 australian djs have
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apologized where a throat a nurse's suicide. >> if i had any idea something like this could have been possible, we couldn't see this happening. it was meant to be a prank call. >> and there was outrage, they said the show has been canceled and there are no plans for the djs to go back on the air. a $10,000 reward for jack london square. michael taylor was found near franklin just before 3:00 saturday afternoon. homicide detectives don't know of a motive and they have not released any suspect information. neighbors and friends held a candle light if i can for the latest -- candle light vigil
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for the latest homicide victim. he was shot in front of his house. it is an area where shootings are entirely shocking, they are still surprised he was the victim. >> i never thought it would happen to him, he was a great guy. >> he had a great personality and he liked to fish and every day we would talk about fishing. >> police are still serving for answers and they need tips and they would like witnesses to come forward. a train hit a car near 16th street and 7:30 last night. nobody was hurt. cell phone service was delayed. they say it is creating a shortage and the talks come a day after talks converged for
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crab fest. the sellout crab tasted dishes from local chefs who say the strike has been very hard for business. >> very hard for school, works without the crab now and in fisherman's wharf this is what you come for. >> they called the strike when seafood brokers announced they would cut prices to 275 or even led due to a slowing demand. >> it is just great to be here, sal. >> you know, there are already things going on and i want to mention, we heard tara moriarty at the very top of the show coming up on this big-rig show. tara moriarty was the first on the scene near 150th avenue,
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near fairmont hospital and the big-rig has affected some power lines in the area. pg&e is now working and is the only reporter on the scene and we will have more coming up. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light, right now is a good time to start, as he drive on north bay, we are off to a good and dry start. when i was gone taking a break, there is a lot of rain but it is dry today, right? >> yes. i mean there was a foot, things have calmed down considerably and rain will be on the way back, not until wednesday but everything is held off until
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late tuesday but we have sunshine on the menu and if you get it off the gulf of alaska, it looks like it will set up for wednesday and thursday. at least this time of year, team -- temperatures will be even warmer. mainly out to the east, a little breeze at the time and that means temperatures around the coast will be warmer than many inland locations. 68 degrees, did go 70 in santa crews. 66 so very nice conditions, clouds start to a crease, maybe
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they are around 200 and i am easing into this pam and brian. two young children are injured after a shooting on an indian reservation. he shot and killed his daughter, wife and two uncles sunday night. his five and six-year-old children were injured and sell lay was killed by deputies. he had a troubled past but they don't know why he shot his own family. >> and he was hit by a ball on friday. he was riding his skateboard when he was hit. the driver stopped and so far no charges have been filed. police are learning about something that happened 10:00
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saturday night. they reported seeing a sedan, hit the victim and take off. anybody with information is asked to call ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, it was a joyous day for couples across the state. 140 same sex couples gore raid rid they needed to support. they plan on taking on the gay marriage ban in a few months. 19 million packages are expected to work and it pros -- processes them for nearly a year >> people are worried about getting cards and gifts delivered in time for the holidays and some post offices
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are offering sunday service. they will do it again next sunday too and we really a procedure it -- appreciate it. >> the san francisco department post office at fso and east ridge mall are offering services next sunday. >> wow, very nice. >> 4:50 is the time right now, john is speaking out after his arrest, what he wants to do as john mcafee faces questions over the death of his neighbor. what was done after the damage in mexico, stay tuned.
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. they are believed to be among seven people killed in a plane crash. you are looking at video of a vigil held in southern california last night. the small plane carrying him was missing early sunday after taking off following rivera's concert. the small wreckage has been
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found and the 43-year-old was born and raised in long beach. a member of navy seal team 6 was killed after freeing an american doctor. he works out of colorado called morning star development. he was killed with two afghan morning star members. the seal team was sent in to rescue him after it showed he was in danger. josh brent was released from jail on $500,000 bond and he said quote, he is just trying to deal with the death of jerry brown, his very best friend. he was driving when the car flipped over, he was on the cowboys practice squad and had been living with brent. he wants to return to the
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u.s., an announcement he made during a news conference. >> i will be happy to go to america, america is my home where i was raised. and that's exactly what i want. >> john mcafee is now in a guatemala detention center. he was not involved he said in the shooting death. in parts of the midwest, a big storm brought high winds and snow across minnesota and parts of wisconsin. they are urging people to stay home though, due to the icy conditions. several highways are closed and hundreds of crashes are reported, a record 10 inches fell in the twin cities yesterday. >> that is a lot of snow. let's check in with sal.
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if you are driving on 580 you might be able to see this from the side of the road, a big-rig fire and this truck caught fire and also some power lines are involved and tara moriarty was the first reported on the scene and she will have a live report coming up at the top of the hour. coming up, the morning commute looks good in both directions and there are no major problems and the morning drive on the freeway further south, that traffic does look good down to the freeway, let's go to steve. a little bit of pap chi fog but that's about it, there is more of a north breeze. that offshore breeze is helping coast and bay. we have a low off the coast and
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high pressure is filled with wind and big change develops on wednesday and tomorrow we will have increasing clouds and this time of year it will not last long. we have upper 60s and low and mid-50s for high temperatures. today a little breezy and breezy at the times from anywhere to upper 60s or lower 60, we have a beautiful 70 degrees. we have some rain making it to the north bay wednesday morning and here comes the cold air, maybe snow level is down around 4,000 feet. i think the rain returns sunday. coming up next, the only
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crew that burst into flames what we have learned about the two people inside that rig. also two people bound and gag, the tragic update that came just hours ago, stay with us.
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